Creative Writing

Joshua’s Prayer


Joshua and his armies marched up from Gilgal,
Along, he brought many of the fiercest of warriors.
All night they marched with both sling and spear,
Sturdy were they who moved forward to Gibeon that day;
And the Children of Israel had the Lord with them,
And not one of the enemy could withstand them.

Like olive oil that is soaked up by barley bread,
The earth was sodden by life’s nectar.
Joshua and his men pursued them up the road;
Where there must have been an oddly hung storm cloud,
And God rained down on the enemy mighty ice stones;
So the enemy was overcome on the road from Beth Horon.

Above them, the vault was as it always had been,
Concave and azure, and laced with crisp, silver wisps.
Joshua observed the approaching of day’s setting flight,
And hence the adversary would become the ebony night.
Joshua stood with hands outstretched to the sky,
“Sun, stand still over Gibeon,
and you, moon, over the Valley of Aijalon!”[1]

To the terror of the Amorites the day lingered firm in the sky;
The sun hovered at its zenith in the celestial dome.
The cosmos ceased acting, and gravity slowed the globe.
By the light of the sun that the Amorites worshipped,
The Lord gave them over to Joshua and his army;
For the moon and the sun obey Yahweh, the God of the Israelites.

[1] Joshua 10:12, (NIV).

Featured Photo Credit is my own.”Prince Edward Island Sunset,” by K Marie © Copyright 2016 Lines of Lazarus

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