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Here is a piece of poetry/small bit of fiction about the struggle that can sometimes divide a couple that has differing beliefs. There is a message of hope at the end. I tried to make the line breaks and structure of the poem seem as deconstructed and ragged as the ruined cathedral.

Ruins by K Marie

she takes care in each gentle step.
making her way cautiously through the crumbling,
gutted ruins of an ancient and once grand cathedral. something
about the desolate place remains beautiful. she looks up through a giant
hole in the moldering roof and she can see a shock of grey sky.
the sky never seemed quite so empty. so void of joy.
not even all of Solomon’s wisdom
 could have kept her from the needless
folly that she committed these past years. no proverb.
no sermon. She had a stern warning. She disobeyed.
 she gave her heart to a man who had no love for
her Father
now, walking past decaying pillars
she turns slowly, looking at every detail. elongated windows 
they are set evenly
along the walls. light streams through the shattered glass.
stained glass. some jagged pieces still remain.
 but most of the colored glass is scattered across
the stone floor. delicate, splintered colors, lightly sprinkled
among cracked, dead leaves and cobwebs.
she tilts her head
softly to the side and stares at the ground. the sunlight cascading from
the window falls across the shards of broken stained glass. a vivid
spectrum of colored light dazzles her. Amber twirling into a
rich vermillion, then violet dances into cyan.
 the colors are like opals. a montage of memories.
both beautiful and painful. 
This man that she had loved. the warmth in his
eyes made her try harder, more persistently to show him evidence
it was his brilliant yet stubborn mind;
it enchanted her, but when it all failed it aged her. left her
ruined and broken like this cathedral. he left her in disrepair.
her intentions were good, but instead
her faith was tested.
she found doubt
and here she wandered lost, forsaken
in the ruins of an ancient and once grand cathedral.
so many pieces. beyond fixing. But what of these pieces?

             she steps
          back        an d  ba  ck      
      to take       in all of  the  broken
  glass.     alive      in th e  light.
  she sees        somethi ng.  in  the  random.            shards.
  a mosaic.       it is  an image of a king. Of   forgiveness
      whole         within    the    broken    pieces.

Featured Photo Attribution: “Coventry Cathedral” by Paul Stevenson is licensed under CC by 2.0



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