Creative Writing

Babylonian Exile


I find myself intrigued by the history and miracles in the Old Testament. I tend to write poems from time to time about it. It amazes me how active God has been throughout human history. It is equally amazing to see how it has all come together for the good of humanity.

Here is a short one today. This poem is meant to reflect the hopelessness the Israelites must have felt when the first temple was destroyed and they were taken into captivity. Despite this, at the end of the poem there is a sense of peace and security that comes with the realization of God’s lordship and sovereignty.

Soon I will be putting more content out there besides creative writing. I will hopefully be writing some devotionals and articles on Christian living. This will be in the near future. So stay tuned if interested. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

Babylonian Exile by K Marie

They dared to
ignore the prophet.
War dancing
outside the walls of Jerusalem.
Father! Father!
Now we call.
but to no avail. For generations
we had been warned.

The walls are breached.
The temple ash.
It is a silence that deafens.
the capital stands, solemn
and ruined.

I wander…lifelessly, smeared in soot.
through a curtain of smoke.
upon thousands this curtain was shut.
My soul is spinning.
How foolish we all have been.
My cracked, dehydrated lips
they preach
but the words fall like burnt gravel.
Father, your love endures forever
though we deserve to be
Now the remnant is carried into exile
or left as ragged vinedressers.
Into servitude yet again.
A bitter, musty taste after enjoying
centuries of milk and honey.
Judah is lost.

 A crumbling, dead garden
forgotten in captivity
yet…in a valley of dry bones
He breathes life into the slain.
Time will expose a perfect will.
Abundant in mercy
faithful to His promise.
There is yet hope.

Featured Photo Attribution: “Passing Lion” by Carole Raddato licensed by CC by SA 2.0


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