Creative Writing · Testimony

He Found Me


For many a decade I wandered, studied, and prayed,
in search of anyone or anything that would stay.
Something that time could not take away,
Something that nature could not blot with decay.

I looked to anything that might offer respite.
In oceans I swam and over hills I have hiked.
I pored over data, philosophies, and tomes,
but nothing could stop me from feeling alone.

Truthfully of all I have lost, loved, and seen
nothing could span all of eternity.
This world can’t offer peace that remains,
the only promise it keeps is one of pain.

In all my searching nothing ever set me free,
but in a moment of silence the truth finally found me.
I learned the twist is that blood removes a great stain.
It is by another name my own name is saved.

So I kneeled before Christ with tired eyes,
I gave Him my threadbare heart and my wary mind.
He calmed the sea and eased the chaotic tide,
caused by the storms of my once wayward life.


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