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A Moment of Gratitude


I usually try to say a prayer every morning before I start my day. Often times my prayers are filled with confessions followed by requests for forgiveness. Besides forgiveness, I usually have a slew of other requests that I give to God as well.


Confession and supplication are both important components to prayer, but sometimes I have a tendency to let them dominate. All too often, I forget to take time in my prayers to adore God and express my gratitude.


In a previous blog post I had written called “Love God. Love One Another” I considered the fact that God is truly a personal being. He isn’t just a means by which we can get what we want.


As personal beings created in God’s image, doesn’t it feel good when we feel appreciated? Well, I wouldn’t doubt that God also enjoys that feeling at a greater level and in far more meaningful ways. Not only should we bring our requests to Him, we should also bring our praise, worship, and thanksgiving to him as well (Psalm 147:1, Psalm 150:6, Psalm 130:1, etc).


That being said, I thought I would just take a little bit of time today to briefly share some of the things God has done for me, that I reflected upon in prayer:


God has provided for me in every way. Though I may not have always realized it and I may have been distracted by the world, God has ultimately worked all things together for my good.


This has been evident not only in the good times, but even more so in the very worst of times. This includes moments of pain, instances of loss, moments of hardships, and even through the consequences of my own sinful actions. Always God has used these experiences to draw me near to Him.


For a long time I had no regard for any of these things. In recent years, however, since I have become a Christian, I am certainly more attune to it. I am getting better at identifying it on a daily basis, however, I am able to most strongly recognize his provision in retrospect.


When I look back on my life I see how during certain moments I had a distinct hedge of protection around me, particularly in my younger more reckless years. I can see how things all come together for a greater good, and continue to come together even to this day.


God’s power, goodness, and love for us manifests itself so strongly in His plans and promises. His pure and good intentions for humanity as well as his provision of salvation are testimony of His love and grace.


God is truly good. He has done so much for me. He has given me blessings that I do not deserve and he has withheld punishments that I certainly do deserve. I adore Him and I am truly thankful.


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