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General Revelation Through Travel: Vol. 2, Austria


Here is a poem I wrote after seeing Hallstatt in Austria. The beauty of Austria was stunning and truly left an impression on me.

By K Marie

Meadows near the mountains,
shrouded with sweet wildflowers,
sleeping soundly in the setting sun,
Their lullaby is the distant sounds,
of gentle chimes and bells.

Sitting at a small, rusted table,
in an open-air café along the,
western shore.
Cautiously sip with pursed lips,
scalding, black coffee.

Dinner of fresh, flaky trout,
caught In Lake Hallstatt,
Paired with parsley potatoes.
I tare with my teeth pieces of,
a salted pretzel roll and a landjager.

Townspeople bustle about,
packing away woodwork, polished stones,
closing their shops of different trades.
Warm light begins to pour through,
cozy alpine cottages.

Over jagged, majestic peaks,
the sun paints in the sky,
plum and rose dancing,
dressed only in a delicate mesh.
It is lace made of white clouds.

I see, taste, and hear beauty.
A place as sweet as honey.
I feel comfort. I feel loved.
I feel close to my Lord, to my God.

Featured Photo Attribution: “Hallstatt, Austria,” by Kevin Poh licensed by CC by 2.0

3 thoughts on “General Revelation Through Travel: Vol. 2, Austria

  1. Lovely poem. I love Austria too. I was lucky enough to grow up near the german/ austrian border. Where else did you go in Austria? I hope you made it to Salzburg too.

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    1. I did get to go to Salzburg. 🙂 I saw Mozart’s house and I got to try those really delicious truffles with the pistachio marzipan in the middle. I think they are called Mozartkugeln. We also visited some salt mines as well as an ice cave. I also got to take a ride on a luge. It was absolutely the best. I hope to go back one day. 🙂

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      1. Yes, they are called “Mozart Kugeln”. The company who produces them is called “Reber”. They are very yummy, I know.
        I am so glad you got to go. I have traveled much and far already but Salzburg is always very special to me. It is lovely in the summer and magical before Christmas.

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