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You Don’t Have to Feel Alone if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day


I don’t have the greatest luck in relationships, and I’m flying solo again this Valentine’s day. Sometimes I can get really lonely and bummed this time of year when I see all the lovely flowers, romantic commercials, and delicious chocolate.

As I was glumly looking around the blazing pink and red seasonal aisle in my local drug store a few days ago, I decided to pick myself up the nicest box of chocolates there. Since everything in my life is a blessing from God including my new, delicious box of chocolate, I thanked God for being my Valentine.

This year I’m committing to building a stronger relationship with God. This requires some work. Relationships need to be built. To do so, trust needs to be given, time has to be put into the relationship, openness and faithfulness are a requirement, etc.

Someone must first choose to want to know another individual. Once the conscious choice is made to want to know someone, time, effort, and energy have to be put in to build the relationship further.

This is not always the simplest of things for humans because of the sinful, selfish state of humanity.

Luckily, I truly believe that God recognizes the struggle humanity has with falling in love with Him. People do not struggle because God is unlovable; absolutely not. In fact, it is quite the opposite. God is the very definition of love.

The reason it is difficult is due to brokenness and sin. Humanity is in a state of separation from God, because of that it can be difficult to relate to Him and understand Him. God is transcendent, so there is much that remains incomprehensible to all of us.

Thankfully, God gives people time. He is patient and good. He provides a means by which we can know him (though our knowledge and understanding of Him can never be fully complete during our earthly life).  God has provided humanity with numerous ways in which they can come to love Him as well as specific actions that can be taken to grow in their love for Him.

As we begin to know God, we begin to love and appreciate Him more. One major thing for me that draws me nearer to God is my extreme gratitude for all that he has done for humanity. Also, I draw near to him when I observe His creativity and craftsmanship in all He has created.

This Valentine’s day, I’m not going to fixate too much on my singleness nor am I looking at it as me being alone. I’m looking at it as a chance to spend another day getting to know God.


6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Feel Alone if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

  1. Love how you bought yourself chocolates, I just bought myself a small orchid and chocolates. I agree about the quality time with God I think about the scripture Isaiah 54:6 For the Lord has called you like a wife deserted and grieved in spirit, like a wife of youth when she is cast off, says your God. I am happy being single because my relationship with Jesus is what is most important. Wonderful post..

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