Attention Christian Bloggers, Please Share Your Blog Here :)


If you have a Christian blog or Creative Writing blog I would love to check it out! Please comment below with the web address to your page. Even if I’m already following you, feel free to share so that other readers can take a look too.

Also, if you enjoy devotionals, articles on Christian living, and creative writing you can stop by my page if you like: Lines of Lazarus

Thanks! 🙂

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318 thoughts on “Attention Christian Bloggers, Please Share Your Blog Here :)

  1. Hi would love it if you look at my blogs, am a new blogger who started last year and stopped. And picked it up now again. I am a Christian and opened the site more to explore the journey of my son who was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD. So trying to do both. My site is at https://example44531.wordpress.com. I should have changed the username when I started but didn’t and if you do now all your blog do not appear on the new one. Still trying to figure that out because I changed my username and you following that one and none of my blogs are on it. Anyone pls advise. Thanks

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  2. Hello, my blog is https://inthelight17.wordpress.com/
    It’s called In The Light because I feel as though this year has given me some light. I’ve struggled a lot with mental health and trusting the Lord with my life and I’m just trying to write on my blog for some freedom for myself and any readers. Thank you for this post, I’ve enjoyed exploring the blogs that people have written in the comments 🙂 Have a lovely daaayyy! Hope your summer isn’t as rainy as Scotland’s haha!

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  3. I am an artist and writer. I just stared my blog, though have written some years now, and am having a hard time getting it out there to be seen. “Living in the Light of Grace”, Finding purpose and significance in Jesus Christ. Inspiration for broken people in a troubled world. Thank you for letting me share: http://www.lovedingrace.com/.

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  4. https://muddlingmommablog.wordpress.com/about/

    I am a mother to three children – one planned, one prayed for, and one surprise. In another life I worked full time in the Social Work field for a number of years. However, my place of work these days is the home. In this season of life I find my days filled with homework, legos, diapers, naps, and poop, lots and lots of poop!

    I am a wife to the man whom I laid claim to at age eleven. We’ve been married for almost ten years, and what a ride it has been. Our story is one of highs and lows, like most; but the one common thread throughout all of the good and bad has been God’s grace, protection, and redeeming love.

    I’m not an eternal optimist nor a pessimist either. I’m a classic over-thinker and a ball of nerves which my husband lovingly refers to as “being amped”. My sense of humor is usually inappropriate, and I probably talk to myself more than I talk to anyone else.

    Long story short…I’m a muddling hot mess. Never the less, I am learning to accept myself and my circumstances just as they are; remembering that the Lord is sovereign over all. He sees the bigger picture, when all I can see are the new grey hairs on my head and the dust on my kitchen table. So if you dare, follow along with me as I share life and mothering moments of success, failure, hilarity, struggles and pure insanity

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  5. Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Atule. And am aspiring to be a Christian blogger. I love motivating and inspiring others to live focused lives as Christians and this passion moved me to create Inspiration Box https://inspirationbox.myjiloaconline.com, which seeks to speak on simple Christian lifestyles, most of which are scriptures and personal life to encourage other believers and trying to win the unsaved as well.

    We are living in a world where day in day out we see people dying and not knowing how we affected their lives with our faith. I know creating this blog has been inspirational for friends and family who have enjoyed reading my content and I would like to also know of others and share with friends.

    Thanks K. Marie

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  6. Hi, my name is Victor i enjoy engaging in theological discussions about God, His Christ and His Creation. My blog link is: https:/www.deeptheothoughts.wordpress.com.

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  7. Hi, my name is Rock Pifer, a semi-retired pastor. I have been in ministry for nearly 25 years and recently have been trying my hand at writing. Stop on over to my blog and check out a few of my posts.

    I tend to write about personal experiences; revealing God’s hand at work in the “nitty-gritty” of life.

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