Attention Christian Bloggers, Please Share Your Blog Here :)


If you have a Christian blog or Creative Writing blog I would love to check it out! Please comment below with the web address to your page. Even if I’m already following you, feel free to share so that other readers can take a look too.

Also, if you enjoy devotionals, articles on Christian living, and creative writing you can stop by my page if you like: Lines of Lazarus

Thanks! 🙂

Featured photo is courtesy of Pexels.

342 thoughts on “Attention Christian Bloggers, Please Share Your Blog Here :)

  1. Thank you for providing this opportunity to share!
    I have recently started a blog on my struggles as a visionary entrepreneur, a young adult trying to figure out this thing called life, and more importantly I blog about my Christian walk, struggles and joys!
    I hope though my poems, essays and short stories to give young adults hope to know that they are not alone and they have a sure foundation in a big, confusing, brave new world.
    My blog address is: https://amyspieinthesky.wordpress.com

    Greetings in Christ!

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  2. UPDATE on my Blog – utvolwoody.wordpress.com
    As of December 2019, I have posted well over 1000 short devotionals that are being viewed by people in almost all 50 states and 60+ foreign countries. It has truly been enjoyable to serve as God’s “distributor” for the devotionals He has provided (and more are being included each week). My Blog has a search engine that is handy for finding devotionals related to a particular topic or specific scripture. Stop by sometime, and if you do, I welcome all comments, as well as, personal testimonies that you would like for me to include in the Testimonials section of my Blog. God is doing some amazing things in the lives of His children that others need to read for encouragement for their own lives. May God bless everyone! (Philippians 2:3-4)

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  3. Thank you for this opportunity to share my Christian blog site with you. It is a sermon blog and I have over 150 sermons on site. I have completed sermons on the epistle of James as well as Philippians and assorted topical and seasonal messages. I am currently studying the Gospel of John. It’s nothing fancy, just an exposition of God’s Word along with illustrations, principles, and applications.

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