Lines of Lazarus is a blog that focuses on walking by faith and trusting in God. The main niches include Christian living, devotionals, personal experiences, traveling, and a lot of creative writing.


In Greek the name Lazarus means: “God is my help.”It is derived from the Hebrew name Eleazar which means: “God has helped.” God has helped me in more ways than I can express. He has also given me new life.


The purpose of my page is to share my faith with others and also to offer encouragement. It is also a means by which I can celebrate God and write about all that He has done for me, how He has helped me, and how He has given me new life.


About the Author:


K Marie is a Christian, writer, English tutor, video game enthusiast, and a Midwest girl. She was born in and spent the duration of her childhood in the south suburbs of Chicago. It wasn’t until she was on the brink of her teen years that her family moved to the country. These days, she spends much of her time at her family’s farm in rural Wisconsin.


K Marie finds her biggest passions are for God, family, and the written word. In recent years, she fully dedicated her life to Christ; feel free to read her testimony by clicking here. Her undergraduate degree is in English and she is on the brink of completing her graduate studies in Christian theology.


She presently tutors English part time. Some of her professional goals include expanding her experience as a writer and wanting to pursue a career in the field of freelance and/or technical writing. She also would like to dedicate time and service to mission trips.


When not writing, K Marie loves to travel and document her experiences. She is also a self proclaimed foodie, finding a lot of enjoyment in both trying a variety of dishes as well as cooking. Other past times include playing guitar, gardening, hiking, healthy living, grilling out, studying art, reading science fiction, playing tabletop games, doing puzzles, and playing video games.