Scripture: Has Anything Really Been Lost in Translation?

One of the studies that fascinated me the most while I was completing my work in Biblical Hermeneutics was the study of textual criticism. I will share some of my thoughts and academic writings about it today in this post. Textual criticism is an in-depth study of the ancient languages found in Old Testament and…… Continue reading Scripture: Has Anything Really Been Lost in Translation?


The Problem with “Neutrality”

  I would like to share some ideas about neutrality that I had previously written about in my theology coursework. I think it would be useful information to the practicing Christian. As I have learned, corruption of Western culture was one factor that contributed to the evolution of postmodernism. The response was a pervasive suspicion…… Continue reading The Problem with “Neutrality”


Does Biblical Inerrancy Matter?

There is something undeniably different about the Bible compared to other books. It is both influential to people as well as controversial. Somehow it just seems vastly and deeply alive. Perhaps this is because it remains perpetually relevant to the human experience no matter how much time has passed. Now, I would like to take…… Continue reading Does Biblical Inerrancy Matter?

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Growing an Eternal Perspective

An eternal perspective is a regard for the eternal, unseen things of faith. It is staying focused on God and his promises and loosening the tight grip we hold upon our earthly life. An eternal perspective is exceedingly necessary for the Christian. Seeing things with an eternal perspective can be more challenging than it sounds.…… Continue reading Growing an Eternal Perspective